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Westside Bonds is a full service surety bond broker serving all of California from our offices in Los Angeles. We provide a full range of bonds including License & Permit, Court, Contract Bonds, Developer, Fidelity and Miscellaneous Bonds. We represent the largest and highest rated insurance companies in the industry. We do the work for you and compare the rates of our well-rated surety companies, finding you the best rate for the type of bond you need. We also have surety lines that do not require clean credit for many license bonds. And... most bonds are issued within one day!

License and Permit Bonds

License and Permit Bonds are required by a municipality or other public body as a condition to granting a license or permit to engage in a specified activity, this bond guarantees that the party seeking the license or permit (the

Court Bonds

Court bonds are those bonds prescribed by statute and relate to the courts. They are further broken down into judicial bonds and fiduciary bonds. Judicial bonds arise out of litigation and are posted by parties seeking court remedies or defending

Contract Bonds

Contract bonds are used heavily in the construction industry by general contractors as a part of construction law, and are a guaranty from a Surety to a project’s owner that a general contractor will adhere to the provisions of a

Developer Bonds

Developer bonds guarantee that builders, developers, and individual landowners complete improvements made to a property. A developer bond, required by local authorities, usually guarantees that the improvements will be made at the expense of the developer and principal of the bond.

Fidelity Bonds

You should be able to trust your employees. But the fact is, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, three-fourths of all employees admitted stealing from their employers at least once, and half of these steal again and again. Fidelity

Miscellaneous Bonds

Miscellaneous bonds are those that do not fit well under the other commercial surety bond classifications. They often support private relationships and unique business needs. Examples of significant miscellaneous bonds include: lost securities bonds, hazardous waste removal bonds, credit enhancement,

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